Watch Iggy Azalea Mock ‘Idiot’ Nick Young And The Terrible Lakers

As far as showbiz power couples go, the recently betrothed Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are about as Hollywood as it gets. Swaggy P — if the name wasn’t indication enough — has an insatiable flair for showmanship that sometimes overrides his better judgment, while his precocious fiancee has infiltrated the American pop music scene with a similarly unapologetic style.

And she certainly didn’t hold anything back during a recent interview with the Australian radio program Hamish & Andy while the couple were vacationing down under. It all started with a relatively harmless discussion about the $700,000 (!!!) engagement ring that he apparently forgot he bought her:

“He plays in this summer league [the Drew League] and we were in the car, and I said to him ‘I better have a security guard today because I’m wearing $700,000 worth of jewelry,’ and he was like ‘where?’ And I was like ‘here, you idiot!’ “

As obnoxious as that was, it then quickly devolved into her doing a hilariously unflattering impression of Young drunkenly asking her if she would say yes to a marriage proposal. But she didn’t stop there. While the interview was taking place, Young was apparently practicing at a local gym, so the interviewers asked whether he really needed to practice that badly while on holiday. Needless to say, her reaction is priceless.

Given the addition of D’Angelo Russell and the return of Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle, things should be looking up for the Lakers next season, but with the sudden logjam at the guard position, Young’s future in Los Angeles is increasingly uncertain. Hollywood can be a fickle place sometimes.

(Via Hamish & Andy)