The Internet Went On Tilt After Hearing Derrick Rose Is Now A New York Knick

derrick rose twitter reactions
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What a day for the NBA. While most of the media was huddled in a ballroom next to Grand Central Station trying to get NBA rookies to say something interesting, the NBA at large was busy making moves ahead of Thursday night’s draft. Jeff Teague is Indiana bound, and George Hill is headed to Utah where we wonder what they’ll think of his blonde dye job, should he break it out. But the big news was of course Derrick Rose getting dealt to the Knicks for a triumvirate of players at different points in their career.

No one does anger and shock and horror and jubilation like Knicks fans and Twitter was in NBA Jam fire mode as people rushed to provide the best memes and quips after news leaked.

Most of the responses were negative in nature. Rose’s knees just don’t inspire much confidence among a Knicks fan base that’s about as jaded as you can get:

C.J. Watson was one of the first NBA players to offer his reaction and some peripheral players have chimed in:

Then there were more jokes. Lotsa jokes. The internet, in particular Twitter, has really turned into the best you could ask for when stuff like this happens.

LOL, the Entourage also-ran and Knicks fan got in on it, too:

And the Knicks welcomed him in:

But the Bulls were gracious about their former MVP leaving town: