The Internet Reacted To Sixers GM Sam Hinkie’s Shocking And Sudden Resignation

The Sam Hinkie era in Philadelphia came to a shocking end tonight. The news of Hinkie’s departure came via Marc Stein of ESPN, who obtained a portion of the former decision maker’s 13-page resignation to Sixers higher ups.

Hinkie, the Sixers’ enigmatic and unconventional general manager/president of basketball operations, oversaw a team that won 47 games in three years. In spite of this, he built up a loyal following among Philadelphia fans for his big-picture approach to basketball. The Sixers were a team that looked to struggle in the short-term with a hope of winning championships down the road, something that was affectionately known in Philly as “The Process.”

In fact, “The Process” was one of the biggest punchlines for people on the web in light of Hinkie’s choice to leave the team.

For most, the person behind this more or less is Jerry Colangelo, who was hired as Philadelphia’s Special Advisor to Managing General Partner and Chairman of Basketball Operations back in December. The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski has some of the details on Colangelo and how he wanted to bring his son, Bryan, on in a front office role.

As you can guess, this rubbed a lot of Sixers fans – who were leery about the hiring of Colangelo in the first place because they feared something like this – the wrong way.

One person had an especially hot take, saying Hinkie did a worse job former Timberwolves GM David Kahn.

Others decided to look back on Hinkie’s recent appearance on Zach Lowe’s podcast for a possible clue about his shocking decision.

Some decided to just point out that, you know, the Sixers haven’t exactly been good during Hinkie’s tenure.

But the best reaction came from veteran basketball scribe Steve McPherson of Rolling Stone, who tweeted out the best photoshop that any of us will see on this subject.