The Internet Had No Idea How To Handle The Cavs Absolutely Annihilating The Celtics In Game 2

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It was truly difficult to put into perspective just how badly the Cleveland Cavaliers crushed the Boston Celtics in Game 2 on Friday night. By halftime, it had already reached historic proportions, with the Cavs taking a 41-point led into the break, thanks to a wild turnaround jumper from none other than J.R. Smith.

The game was already so out of hand by that point that the TNT crew was playing Go Fish.

LeBron James continued his absolute dominance this postseason with 30 points, seven assists, four rebounds, four steals, and three blocks, while Kevin Love chipped in 20 and 12 and Kyrie Irving added 23 as the faltering C’s looked on helplessly.

It was stunning just how lackadaisical Boston came out after the Game 1 walloping, especially with Jaylen Brown hysterically claiming that LeBron is just “another guy,” and Isaiah Thomas reminding us that the Cavs aren’t the Mon-Stars from Space Jam. He was right, of course. The Cavs aren’t the Mon-Stars. They’re worse.

And Twitter wasn’t done with the Celtics yet. Not by a long shot. Of course, there were the requisite Crying Jordan memes.

But then the Twitterverse got a little more creative with this Rocky IV reference.

As you might imagine, it just snowballed from there, so enjoy this roundup of our personal favorites from Friday’s bloodbath.

It’s difficult to imagine the Celtics recovering from this one, and unfortunately for them, they still have two more games left to play and likely another blizzard of snarky tweets to withstand as well.