Isaiah Canaan Fractured His Ankle In Gruesome Fashion Against The Mavs


The 2017-18 NBA season has featured a number of ugly injuries that have cut short a number of seasons, and on Wednesday that unfortunate trend continued in Phoenix.

At the end of the first quarter of the Suns-Mavs game on ESPN, with Phoenix in full control, Suns reserve guard Isaiah Canaan went up for a layup and landed awkwardly on his left leg, which bent up under him as he fell to the floor. The result was a horrific-looking injury on the scale of Gordon Hayward’s awful opening night injury, as the arena fell silent and members of both teams were clearly horrified.

The official diagnosis from the Suns was that Canaan had suffered a fractured left ankle, although further testing is assuredly coming to asses any further damage to the ankle.

The video is below, but it is very gruesome and graphic, so if you do not want to see it, stop reading here.

Again, a warning that the video below is very graphic.

It’s impossible not to notice the similarities between the way this injury looks and that of Hayward earlier this year, and hopefully Canaan will be able to make a full recovery in whatever timetable is required.

There were a number of NBA players up late watching the game that immediately tweeted messages of support to Canaan.