One Player Could Be The Key To Keeping LeBron In Cleveland

09.23.17 1 year ago 5 Comments

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There’s been endless speculation about LeBron James‘ future with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kyrie Irving’s stunning decision to jump ship has rendered things even more uncertain. LeBron can enter free agency next summer, a fact that’s prompted countless sports scribes to let their imaginations run rampant about where he might land.

Los Angeles is one of the putative destinations he’s supposedly eyeing, but it’s clear that the Decision 3.0 will hinge on how the Cavs fare in the coming season. Much of that is contingent on Isaiah Thomas, who is replacing Irving in Cleveland’s lineup but whose lingering health issues could potentially torpedo the Cavs’ championship aspirations.

However, one national NBA reporter believes that if things do happen to go well, Thomas could be the key to keeping LeBron around long-term, a scenario that could end up being a perpetual thorn in the side of the Boston Celtics and their fans.

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