Isiah Thomas Is Hunting For Billy Hunter’s Job

11.13.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

Doesn’t it feel like Isiah Thomas is always behind the bad stuff going on in the NBA? It’s happening again. Billy Hunter has taken his fare share of shots so far during this lockout. But now his job might be in jeopardy. Thomas has great relationships with a number of players, and he’s angling to get Hunter’s job as head of the union. Thomas has a notorious track record for screw ups, but has done some good things in the NBA as well. Is that a good thing if he were to takeover the union? What does this teach us? If something bad is going on in the NBA, blame Isiah … Mike Krzyzewski tied his mentor Bobby Knight for the most wins ever in Division I men’s basketball after Duke destroyed Presbyterian 96-55. This was more of a coronation than anything else; six Dukies scored in double figures … Kris Joseph dropped 16 and ‘Cuse ran away with their first win of the season, beating Fordham 78-53. The Rams might not be tough competition, but still, they made just 18 of 52 shots against ‘Cuse’s zone. As we mentioned in our preview of Syracuse, that team is incredibly dangerous, and no one seems to talk about them. … And if you want to feel sorry for one team, feel bad for Kennesaw State. They played Wisconsin, and lost 85-31. That’s more than ugly. That’s straight-up embarrassing. If you can’t score 40, why even schedule the game? … Can we make it through a whole year without the NBA? We might have to. The players aren’t expected to accept the offer the owners have laid out on the table for them. Dallas’ Jason Terry admits that if the deal the owners present to them isn’t a substantial improvement over the last one then there’s no way we’ll be having basketball soon. Terry says the point of all this is to grow the game, and yet the owners are doing the opposite. He explains it like this: in society, and in basketball, there’s always been three classes. The upper, middle and lower classes. But what the owners are trying to do is take out that middle class, the biggest one. Teams would have one or two players making big money, and then everyone else would receive just the leftovers. You’d either be rolling deep in green, or basically making the minimum … Does Brandon Jennings ever stop balling? He’s currently on the “Are You From Here?” Under Armour tour – we were in the house for the Baltimore stop – and hit up a random rec center the other night. What did he do? Dropped 70, and did work in the post … In case you missed the video yesterday, Jeremy Lamb put his nuts all over Columbia’s Mark Cisco. Even though it was against an inferior opponent, we liked what we saw from Lamb on Friday night. Honestly, he was really up and down during his USA Team experience this summer. But he looked like he was worth the hype in UConn’s opener … We’re out like Mark Cisco.

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