Isiah Thomas Put Michael Jordan No. 3 On His GOAT List

Last Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers took home their 17th title after beating the Heat in Game 6, tying them with arch rivals the Boston Celtics for the most championships in NBA history. For LeBron James, it marks the fourth title of his illustrious career, putting him in unique territory as the only player to win rings with three different organizations.

As LeBron continues to rack up the hardware, the case for him as the greatest player of all-time gets more and more compelling at every turn. For a certain segment of fans and hoops analysts, he’s already surpassed Michael Jordan for that distinction. But in the Venn diagram of former-nemeses-turn-NBA-broadcasters, there are some who don’t even have him in the top two.

Of course, that certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with a personal vendetta that’s gone on for more than 30 years now. No, Pistons legend Isiah Thomas would have us believe he arrived at that conclusion purely through a combination of fact, logic, and first-hand experience.

Thomas, in fact, has unleashed a flurry of Tweets on the topic this week.

The Thomas-Jordan feud got reignited earlier this year during the airing of The Last Dance when Michael revealed that he still carries a grudge against Isiah to this very day. And Thomas’ Tweets only ensure that it will carry on endlessly. Unfortunately, the same goes for the very GOAT debate that’s at the center of it.