ISlide Introduces Customizable Athletic Sandals

Sandals are synonymous with ballplayers, and finally, we have a brand willing to go the extra mile to give us the comfort and originality that we crave. Enter ISlide, a company founded by Justin Kittredge, a 13 year footwear industry veteran that offers athletes the chance to create their own designs on high-quality, athletic sandals.

The Relief Pro Lining tech, which is a wave-like, antimicrobial foam footbed designed to help feet recover after workouts, is a part of each sandal, as is midsole EVA foam cushion, a signature sneaker inspired outsole and an ultra-soft, lyrca adjustable strap.

“We live in a world where fashion and sports merge at every axis. Consumers, especially athletes, want to be different and expressive, all while wearing a premium product,” said Justin Kittredge, Founder and President of ISlide, Inc. “Our sandals provide the solution for consumers and gets them excited and engaged, allowing them to feel proud to stand in what they stand for.”

Online customizable options include three color strap options, position logos and personal Ids, graphics, and 20 different color options for font.

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