The It Me Podcast: The NCAA Tournament’s Players And Teams To Watch

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Hello, friends. The it me podcast is back after a bit of an absence because it’s NCAA Tournament time! The tournament is great because it means basketball, sponsors, snacks and friends (not necessarily in that order). It also means Robby turns his attention fully on college hoops for the first time all year and needs to have someone who actually knows things about college basketball help him with his bracket under the guise of a podcast.

For that task, we brought in Ricky O’Donnell from SB Nation to help walk us through what to be on the lookout for during the upcoming tournament, from sleeper teams that could make runs to the Sweet 16 or beyond to players that casual fans just tuning into college basketball for the first time (or who haven’t seen a lot of these teams play) should be watching.

Per usual, the podcast goes off the rails for the first 15 or so minutes, but eventually we do get to the college basketball talk around the 16-minute mark if you want to skip ahead of the nonsense. However, for you loyal listeners who for some reason enjoy the nonsense, there’s plenty in that first 15 before we got to actual basketball talk.

This week we discussed:

  • The Garcias getting a new car and the Andersons getting tickets to the game
  • The current controversy in the SB Nation offices over whether Ricky likes broccoli or not
  • What are the best nuts?
  • Hey, actually college basketball talk!
  • Ricky’s pick to win it all
  • SMU’s Final Four potential
  • Players you might not know that you should definitely watch
  • Sleeper teams
  • Thoughts on Kentucky

And much, much more!

As always, comments and tweets are welcome. Subscribe to us on iTunes, too! You can find Robby at (@rkalland) and Martin at (@martinrickman). Ricky is at (@SBN_Ricky). Sports are great and so are friends, but sports are always better with friends.

Special thanks to the band Annabel for our intro and outro music. They’re really good. You should buy their music at their website or perhaps see them play a show some time.