J.R. Smith Nearly Crosses Brandon Knight Out Of Quicken Loans Arena

It’s not as bad as when he was baptized by DeAndre Jordan two years ago, but J.R. Smith sure embarrassed Brandon Knight here nonetheless. Maybe it says something about the Phoenix Suns guard’s commitment to defense that he’s found himself on the receiving end of so many awesome plays? Perhaps, but that’s definitely a glass half-full way of looking at it.

This brings up another point: Does any team have flashier ballhandlers than the Cleveland Cavaliers? Kyrie Irving might be the craftiest dribbler in the game, LeBron James handles like a point guard at 6-8, and Smith’s street-ball style obviously lends itself to highlights.

Cleveland certainly isn’t playing like its on the playground tonight, though. Led by Timofey Mozgov’s 16 points, the Cavs lead the Suns by 20-plus points midway through the third quarter.

[Vine via Vinnyviner]