Jabari Parker Split Two Defenders With This Behind-The-Back Move Before Throwing Down

Associate Editor

Coming out of high school, Jabari Parker was lauded as being the next great scorer in the NBA. He showed why at Duke, went second overall in the 2014 NBA Draft, and showed flashes during his rookie year. Unfortunately, that got cut short due to a knee injury, and he spent his second year in the league working off the rust.

Now, Parker’s in his third year and looks like he’s back to his old self. He’s averaging nearly 20 points per game, and every now and then, he does something like what he did against the Heat on Thursday. Parker got the ball in transition and had a path to the rim. All he had to do was split Josh Richardson, who was in front of him, and Goran Dragic, who was trailing the play.

So Parker dribbled once, went behind the back, split the two Heat players, and threw down without anyone able to defend him. Parker’s been praised for his savviness as an offensive player for years, and this gives a glimpse as to why.

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