A Student Manager Named Thomas ‘Snacks’ Lee Is A College Basketball Sensation

College basketball is delightful. Beyond March Madness, the nightly drama of games involving schools big and small, and those catchy fight songs, college hoops never fails in its ability to give us heartwarming moments, like when a student manager steps into a game. These long-time helpers will sometimes get the chance to suit up and show what they can do in the final days of their manager career, and every now and then, they get a bucket and cause everyone to lose their minds.

Thomas “Snacks” Lee of Jackson State got this opportunity on Monday night, when the Tigers had a healthy lead over Arkansas Pine Bluff. Snacks entered the game to a whole lot of applause, and since his team was way ahead, he was able to rise and fire. As a result, this happened.

The shot made waves on social media, with his nickname “Snacks” trending on Twitter and Kevin Durant tweeting out his props for the young baller.

As for where his nickname came from, Lee spoke to Randall C. Williams of The Undefeated and gave an absolutely delightful backstory.

Lee’s nickname, “Snacks,” was trending Tuesday on Twitter but originated during his childhood. Lee used to spend time in the Jackson State locker room with players and while he says that no one really knew his name, everyone noticed that he always had snacks. Eventually players and coaches alike gave him the nickname “Snacks.” He said an aunt used to take him to JSU games and he visited the locker room multiple times.

“I used to have all the candy. I always had Skittles and would give them to players before the game,” said Lee. “At first people thought it was offensive, but once they saw everyone calling me that they understood. I enjoy the nickname, it’s funny.”

Lee is beloved in the basketball program, as you can expect, with senior guard Hunter Shelton telling The Undefeated that he “can’t even begin to imagine the Jackson State basketball team without him.” As the nickname stuck, his role in the program got bigger, and the legend grew. Snacks finally he got his opportunity to play, and he didn’t waste it.