Jahlil Okafor’s Awesome Block And Depressing Turnover Is The Most Sixers Sequence Ever

11.16.15 3 years ago

There used to be an odd, oftentimes great cartoon on Saturday mornings (and during the weekday, but you could only catch it if you were home sick from school) called Animaniacs. While the cartoon mostly focused on the Warner brothers Wakko and Yakko (and their sister, Dot), it also had a few other characters and sequences, such as “Good Idea, Bad Idea.”

It’s in this vein that we now present Jahlil Okafor’s terrific block and awful turnover, all of which happened in the same sequence.

Good idea: Jahlil Okafor blocking a shot and maintaining possession. Bad idea: Jahlil Okafor blocking a shot, maintaining possession, then running the break. The result of this bad idea: a sloppy pass to an unaware teammate, resulting in a turnover and all but erasing Okafor’s great play that started the entire thing.

The sequence perfectly summarizes the current state of the Philadelphia 76ers. There are flashes of good, mainly from the likes of Nerlens Noel and Okafor, but there’s also a whole lot of bad, which goes a long way in explaining their putrid 37-137 record from the past three years.

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