Dank And Co. Designer Jake Danklefs Takes Us Inside His Unique Sneakers For March Madness


Sneakers are serious business in the world of basketball, and there aren’t many people that know how to take sneakers to the next level better than Jake Danklefs. The founder of Dank and Co. is revered in the world of footwear for some of his unique designs on kicks, transforming them from what you expect when you think of a shoe to a 1-of-1 customization for its owner.

Between that and the fact that Danklefs is based out of San Antonio — Dank and Co. proudly declares its products are handmade in Texas — it only made sense for Corona to approach him about designing 12 pairs of special, Corona x University of Texas basketball sneakers for March Madness. Danklefs took pairs of Jordan 3s and designed them to incorporate the colors and logos for both the beer and the school.

Dime sat down with Danklefs to discuss his love of designing sneakers and his partnership with Corona. We also learned how he made what was a rather unique color scheme work, and his favorite pair of kicks that he’s designed.

Dime: With the Corona x Texas kicks, how did this partnership come about?

Jake Danklefs: We connected, and for me it made complete sense. Not only am I a fan of their beer, but I embody that relaxing Corona lifestyle synonymous with the brand day-in-and-day out. It’s definitely been a pleasure working with their team to bring this custom shoe to life.

These sneakers are interesting to me because the color palate seems like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Did you go into this kind of dreading mixing bunt orange with the blue and yellow of Corona? When did it click that you could make this work?

When Corona came to me with the idea, I was so focused on how I could bring the partnership to life and create a natural tie to the “Find your beach” mindset that I wasn’t even phased by the color palate. Luckily, it kind of clicked for me early in the process, and from there I let my imagination run wild.