Jamal Murray Is Leading The Nuggets, Even As He Waits For His Jump Shot

12.14.18 6 months ago

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Jamal Murray is frustrated.

At a glance, that seems strange. His team, the Denver Nuggets, currently boasts the best record in a stacked Western Conference at 18-9, while he’s averaging a career high in points (17.4), assists (4.9) and rebounds (4.2) per game. And yet his greatest weapon, the thing that makes Jamal Murray one of the most promising young guards in the league, is malfunctioning.

“I’m not even shooting well right now,” Murray laments over the phone from a photo shoot for Express. “Once I get my shot back, once I start getting my rhythm back and getting healthy, I’ll be fine.”

What’s not malfunctioning at the moment is Murray’s swagger. In his third season in the NBA, Murray has graduated to rocking designer sneakers and a brighter color palate off the court. Add that in to his deal with adidas, and well, Murray has quietly become one of the best dressed dudes in the league. There is major competition for having the best threads on his team, though, as he cites Nick Young and Will Barton as being “in a league of their own, on top of the world with their swag and stuff.”

So maybe Murray has given up on being the most stylish dude on the Nuggets, but he’s certainly not quitting on fixing his shot, even as he’s found himself in the midst of an extended cold stretch to start the year.

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