Jason Kidd Answers Phone Call During Summer League Game

During the Brooklyn Nets’ Summer League game yesterday, new head coach Jason Kidd decided it was OK to ignore the action on the court and take a phone call on his cell. With the Nets having acquired Andrei Kirilenko on the same day, maybe owner Mikhail Prokhorov or GM Billy King had called to inform him of the deal.

We’ve already alluded to the Russian conspiracy theories that have abounded since Kirilenko was signed, and Grantland’s Zach Lowe also mentioned the general discontent among NBA GM’s that something afoul had occurred in the negotiations between the Nets and Kirilenko, since he accepted such a severe paycut to play for Brooklyn.


Whether this had anything to do with Kidd’s publicly answering a phone call when he was supposed to be coaching his Summer League team is anybody’s guess, but it’s fun to play connect the dots between the two issues anyway. Regardless, for a coach like Kidd, who has literally zero head coaching experience (but a wealth of coaching experience as a player), maybe he should put that cell on mute when he’s on the bench during games this season. It’s not the best look.

True, it’s just Summer League, but Kidd needs to have a steep learning curve if he’s going to be able to coach the Nets towards the title their owner desperately wants—and is willing to spend hundreds of millions in luxury taxes to win.

What do you think Kidd was discussing on the phone during Summer League?

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