Jason Terry Will Return To The Rockets After A Reported Courtship With The Pelicans

Normally, the NBA’s senior citizens are those who hold it down up front. Think Kurt Thomas, Nazr Mohammed, Adonal Foyle, Antonio McDyess, Dikembe Mutombo, even Tim Duncan (though Duncan is a rare breed indeed). It’s easier to stay in the league as an aged front court player than perimeter player. Guards may lose their speed, but big men don’t often lose their size. They may not be the athletes they once were, but they can still provide, at the very least, six hard fouls a game, and will usually contribute a few minutes of solid man defense.

There are exceptions, of course, and the 37-year-old Jason Terry, who will reportedly return to the Houston Rockets according to Shams Charania of RealGM, is the latest.

Terry was only supposed to be the third point guard last season, but a late-year injury to Patrick Beverley forced him into increased action. Now that the Rockets have added point guard depth with the trade for Ty Lawson, Terry should, barring multiple injuries, resume his rightful place as the reserve guard. That’s not to say he’s entirely useless. Terry is still a capable threat from beyond the arc, but if he’s playing more than 10 minutes in any given game, that’s a dangerous situation for the Rockets.

This will probably be Terry’s last year, so it’s best to enjoy every moment Terry sinks a three and saunters back down the court, arms raised in his traditional jet pose.

(Via Shams Charania)