Jason Terry Wants To Defend His ‘Chip; Swin Cash Is MVP Of The WNBA All-Star Game

One guy who refuses to even think about overseas options is Jason Terry. The newly-minted champion wants to wear that belt loud and proud, and isn’t planning on playing anywhere else than in Dallas, defending the team’s title. While the JET believes some delay could definitely happen, he doesn’t expect the season to cancel. We hope not either for the Mavs’ sake. We guess if you’re a Dallas fan, you could look at that one of two ways: first, it just means you can celebrate longer and prolong the parades. No one can say they beat the champs if no one is playing any games. Or second, it robs you of the chance to defend it and walk into every arena across the league like a boss … And don’t worry about Dirk breaking down now that he and Chris Kaman will be playing for Germany in the EuroBasket 2011. He seems to get better with each year … Some big name studs – like Kobe, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant – are in Manila for a series of all-star games, and there’s already been some highlight plays. Remember when dudes used to pull this move and everyone would go crazy like it was the nastiest thing they’d ever seen? It still looks good, but now it’s like “Make the shot though” (which KB did by the way) … And how many off-the-glass dunks will we see this summer? We’re betting the total ends up exceeding a dozen. Kevin Durant and James Harden connected on one of the better ones we’ve ever seen in the exhibition as well … Great analogy from Tom Penn, who is a former Blazers executive who now works as a salary cap expert: “If the NFL is a badly sprained ankle, the NBA is a torn ACL, a microfracture and a ruptured Achilles” … Swin Cash (21 points, 12 rebounds) won the MVP as a losing player (what?) well the East took a 118-113 win over the West in the WNBA All-Star Game. Now, we know the WNBA gets a lot of hate. But in truth, the league and the quality seems to improve all the time. We love to compare the players that are playing now to the first group that came in over 10 years ago. In the All-Star game, there were no-look passes, pull-ups 23-footers and girls killing people off the bounce. There was one fight-minute sequence during the third quarter where it felt like neither team missed a shot for about five minutes straight. If you are a true fan of ball, you can at least respect that. 10 years from now, where will women’s basketball be? … The league also unveiled their 15 best players of all-time during halftime and the list included obvious stars like Cynthia Cooper, Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes. But no mention of Chamique Holdsclaw? That’s ridiculous … It’s being reported that Larry Brown may be the guy to replace Lawrence Frank in Boston on the sidelines as one of Doc Rivers‘ assistants. He would LOVE that gig … The Red Bull King of the Rock tour held it down in Harlem yesterday afternoon, with a bunch of great games that left Jerrell Strickland and Aseshem “OJ” Henderson going to Alcatraz on Sept. 24. The two players made the finals of the one-on-one tournament, but Henderson received the ultimate prize with a 16-6 championship win and a check for $1,000 … And in the H206 Charity Basketball Classic, Terrence Williams scored 25 and won the MVP for the “Seattle” team during their 140-122 win. Spencer Hawes scored 25 points (and also led a postgame “Come home Sonics!” chant), while Jamal Crawford also added 21. Brandon Roy was the face of the promotion and spoke to the crowd, but he didn’t play since he’s still taking care of his knees. Michael Beasley led the “League” team with about 30 points (there was no official box score), while Klay Thompson (who also won the three-point contest), Nolan Smith, Pooh Jeter and Jeremy Tyler all put in work. During halftime, Beasley called all of the rookies to center court and made them dance for the fans, and Kyle Singler got the unofficial win because everybody likes to see a goofy-looking white kid make a fool out of himself. Shawn Kemp and Tony Wroten were among those sitting courtside, as well as a few members of the Seattle Storm, and Aaron Curry of the Seattle Seahawks … RIP Amy Winehouse … We’re out like Holdsclaw’s juice.

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