JaVale McGee’s Wild Reverse Layup Attempt Was The Opposite Of Jordanesque

12.23.15 3 years ago

JaVale McGee was doing JaVale McGee things against the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night, which means that he was tragically overestimating his overall basketball ability, to the detriment of his team, the Dallas Mavericks, who were kind enough to take a flyer on him this offseason in the wake of the DeAndre Jordan debacle.

The Shaqtin-a-Fool MVP caught a nice entry pass in the paint but quickly managed to transform that potential assist into a turnover with a wild up-and-under layup attempt that touched nothing but the sky and landed back in his hands after coming back down to Earth, which of course is a traveling violation. The best part is that McGee seemed somehow confused about what exactly he did wrong, in which case if he is indeed that spectacularly unaware of the basic rules of game-play, then that might explain a lot of things.

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