Jayson Tatum On The Jaylen Brown For Kevin Durant Trade Rumors: ‘I Don’t Believe Everything I See On TV’

While much of the NBA world is quiet in late July, a report that the Brooklyn Nets rejected a trade overture from the Boston Celtics sparked a great deal of chatter this week. The reported deal would’ve sent Jaylen Brown to Brooklyn in a package for Kevin Durant, and speculation continues on all sides. On Tuesday, Celtics star Jayson Tatum made an appearance at the New York premiere of the “Point Gods” documentary, and he was predictably asked about the rumblings.

Generally, Tatum deflected from sharing any sharp opinions, first saying, “I don’t make anything of it. I just play basketball.” Later in the conversation, he referred to Durant as “a great player,” reminding reporters that Tatum and Durant played together for Team USA, but Tatum was also consistent in expressing that he’s happy with the team he has in Boston.

“I love our team,” Tatum said. “I love the guys that we’ve got.”

On the report itself, Tatum said, “I don’t know if that report is true or not.” He also shared, in candid fashion, that he isn’t inclined to believe public reporting on its face.

“I don’t believe everything I see on TV,” Tatum indicated. “I done seen some sh*t about me that was a lie, so you never really know what’s true and what’s not true.”

It would’ve been more surprising if Tatum actually shared an opinion either way on a reported trade skeleton. Through that lens, nothing he shared was out of bounds by any measure, and it is true that he is not the decision-maker in place here. Still, it is always going to be noteworthy when a star comments publicly on trade stuff, even if his remarks can double as an extended deflection.