Jazz-Kings Got Delayed After A Drunk Fan Puked On The Court

The Sacramento Kings find themselves in unfortunate familiar territory 16 games into the season, sitting at 6-10, which is only good for 12th in the West at the moment. The Kings are in quite the skid of late, going 3-7 in their last 10 games and it has revived hot seat talk around Luke Walton.

To make matters worse, they began a brutal stretch of schedule on Saturday night at home against the Jazz, and with 9:36 to go in the fourth quarter, a fan courtside simply couldn’t take anymore. In what was a heavy-handed metaphor for Kings basketball in the last decade, a fan literally puked on the floor by the Jazz bench and caused what became a very lengthy delay.

It was apparently a lot of vomit, too.

The fan in question, well, looks like a guy who just threw up courtside at an NBA game as the poor Kings arena crew tries to clean it up.

They even had the mascot assisting with cleanup.

The Jazz had to exit their bench area during the cleanup and seemed to be stunned by what they just witnessed — and trying to enjoy themselves as they passed the time during what became a lengthy cleaning process.

It is honestly a bit stunning that there aren’t more delays for fans spilling things on the court, but puking on the court is another level of courtside mishap. That fan likely won’t be invited back to Kings games, at least near the court, and has to live with the fact that he’ll forever be remembered for this, even if he may not remember what happened tomorrow morning.