Jeff Teague Got A Flagrant 1 For This Dirty, Garbage-Time Shove Of LeBron James

After the Cavs’ Game 2 shooting extravaganza, Charles Barkley took a lot of heat in the media for suggesting that the Atlanta Hawks should take out one of Cleveland’s stars. Well, it looks like Jeff Teague was listening, although it’s too little too late at this point. In the waning moments of Game 3 as the Cavs put things out of reach, Teague took a cheap shot on LeBron, sending him barreling into the first few rows behind the goal.

It’s certainly debatable whether Teague is strong enough to send the 6’8, 250-pound LeBron flying like that, but still. It’s not a good look for a team that just blew it’s best chance of getting back into this series.