Jeff Van Gundy: Bulls May Miss The Playoffs; LeBron Gets Rejected

08.01.12 7 years ago
It’s hard to be considered an offseason winner when your No. 1 player and franchise cornerstone recently tore up his knee and won’t be returning until probably March at the earliest. But the Bulls aren’t just going to be one player down next season; They’ve made some huge changes in this offseason. They lost Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver and Omer Asik, among others, and replaced them with Kirk Hinrich, Nate Robinson and Nazr Mohammed. Rose probably means a dozen wins himself, and with the new changes they’ve made, Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t think they’ll even make the playoffs. The Notorious J.V.G. said on ESPN 1000′s “Waddle & Silvy” show that it’ll be a heck of a year if the Bulls can even win half of their games. His main reasoning behind that was the Bulls went from an MVP and a very good backup point guard (C.J. Watson) to a combo guard who’s fallen off the last few years (Hinrich), and a rookie who probably should’ve gone back to school (Marquis Teague) … In fact, who knows what’ll happen with the Kentucky rook. Turns out he’s the only first-rounder who has yet to sign his rookie scale contract. Didn’t Calipari teach him anything about chasing the dough? But according to reports, we probably shouldn’t be blaming Teague. Rookie contracts aren’t that hard to explain. Teams can sign the player for anywhere from 80 to 120 percent of a set value, and because you just drafted the kid and aren’t trying to start off the new relationship with an Albert Haynesworth-level holdout, nearly everyone gets the 120 percent. Outside of San Antonio, this is standard course for the NBA. Yet the Bulls don’t want to give it to Teague. This makes a lot of sense, Chicago. Your franchise is hobbling around town with five pounds of ice on his knee, you just drafted a young point guard with some serious potential, and now you don’t want to give up one cookie from the box you have … Yesterday we ranked the 25 most overpaid players in the NBA, and we heard more than a few people questioning us about Kobe Bryant. We put him at No. 2 on the list because he’s the highest-paid player in the league and will soon be making $30 million in a season. That’s absurd. On the other hand, you can make the argument that he’s worth at least double that number to the Lakers per season in Hollywood … Next up… the 25 most underpaid players in the league … And New Orleans has signed free agent Roger Mason while Darko Milicic is apparently not giving Europe any consideration. He wants to come back to the NBA and continue to improve his career. We’re telling you, he’s gonna end up in South Beach and get a shot at another coattail-riding championship … Keep reading to hear about the man they’re saying is the next Chauncey Billups …

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