A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Had A Hilariously Wrong Guess For Joel Embiid’s Nickname

Let’s face it: Contestants on Jeopardy! know a whole lot of stuff that the average person will never know. But every once in a while, sports fans can get one over on trivia junkies who are more well-versed in 19th century British literature than, like, members of the Dream Team or something.

One such instance of this occurred on Wednesday night’s episode of Jeopardy! The category was “Current Sports Nicknames,” and the $1,000 answer was looking for Joel Embiid’s nickname that doubled as the nickname of the strategy the Philadelphia 76ers used to acquire as many assets as the franchise possibly could.

The proper response, of course, is “What is The Process?” Paul, who was in the lead with $4,200, buzzed in but was unable to get this correctly. Instead, this happened.

Again, sports are a frequent achilles heel for Jeopardy! contestants, unless they are a professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, of course. But even stripping that context away, imagine, for a moment, a human with the nickname “Do A 180.” That is an instruction, not a nickname. It would be like nicknaming an auto body shop employee “Change My Wiper Blades.” I am very disappointed in you, Paul. Also, he won Wednesday’s episode, and he got $21,000 for it, so despite this momentary gaffe, he is still incredibly good at trivia.

Embiid, being an extremely online human being, caught wind of his new Jeopardy! nickname and decided to adopt it on Twitter.