This 14-Year-Old Named Jeremy Lin Can Ball Just Like His Professional Namesake

07.11.17 9 months ago


Linsanity sure seems like a lifetime ago, especially for Knicks fans. It might’ve been the last good thing that happened to them before Kristaps Porzingis got drafted. However fleeting, those were some glorious days. Jeremy Lin has never quite been able to recapture the magic of those miraculous few weeks in 2012 when, as an unknown player out of Harvard, he took the NBA storm and became an instant global phenomenon.

He’s settled into more of a journeyman’s career in the intervening years, with stops in Houston, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and now Brooklyn. But Lin has solidified his place in the league as a serviceable-to-solid point guard. Now, another young baller bearing his namesake is breaking out onto the basketball world.

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