Jeremy Lin Is Reportedly Finalizing A Deal To Join The Warriors’ G League Affiliate

It seems like ancient history by now, but the mark Jeremy Lin left on the NBA during his breakout season in 2011-2012, forever known as “Linsanity,” will be remembered by future generations of up-and-coming players who believe they have what it takes if only given a chance to shine.

Unfortunately, his career since then hasn’t been able to live up to the delirious joy of that magical stretch of games with the Knicks, and a rash of injuries eventually landed him out of the NBA altogether after his last stint with the Raptors during their championship season.

Lin has been plying his wares in China since then with the Beijing Ducks, but has long vowed to work his way back into the league. Now, it appears he’ll get that chance. And fittingly enough, it will be with the team where it all started.

Even if Lin never quite recaptured the magic of that Linsanity run, he went on to become a serviceable point guard in several NBA stops and is hoping to do so again now. There is poetic justice in this latest signing, given that Golden State was where the undrafted Lin would get his start but would later be cut, paving the way for his run with the Knicks.

As noted above, however, Lin will have to work his way through the G League ranks first. Regardless of how it turns out, it’ll be nice to see Lin back in an NBA uniform this season.