Jeremy Lin Nailed His Cameo Appearance On ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

Charlotte Hornets guard/future Emmy award-winner Jeremy Lin is no stranger to acting. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Lin totally nails his one scene in ABC’s comedy Fresh off the Boat. In his cameo, Lin plays a factory worker named Chau who helps assemble the plastic little tables that go on top of pizzas. To keep morale up, the movie Pretty In Pink is played, which doesn’t really seem to help Lin’s character at all.

It’s not much, but these are the types of roles Lin will have to play before he can really take off and show his versatility as an actor. Everyone has to start some place and not every basketball player goes straight into major motion pictures like Space Jam or Kazaam. (In all seriousness, “Kazaam” may have been trash, but “Space Jam” was cinematic gold. Hollywood may have run out of ideas, but a sequel with LeBron James would be just fine.)

Does Lin have a future in acting? If he does, we’re pulling for him to land the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) plus a NBA championship, cementing him as the greatest human being to ever walk the planet Earth.

(Via CBS Sports)

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