Jeremy Lin Preferred To Stay In New York; Kobe Calls A David Stern Idea “Stupid”

07.18.12 7 years ago
Now that Lindecision 2012 is all over, and Jeremy Lin is going to be formerly introduced as a Houston Rocket sometime soon, we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. No, we’re not talking about how, for once, the Knicks resisted the urge to indulge as they have so many times before (even though, for once, there were PLENTY of reasons to do it). We’re talking about how we got here. Lin never wanted to leave New York, and opened up about it to yesterday. The sensation says the biggest reason why he never wanted to leave the Big Apple were the fans and the way they embraced him as he went from a no-name to one of the most popular players in Orlando for All-Star Weekend. He took some heat for the 85 percent comment – saying at the end of the playoffs last year, he couldn’t play because he was only 85 percent healthy – but says he was misunderstood. He was actually 15 percent away from the minimum threshold he needed to play. Thus, the Knicks parted ways with Lin this summer during a 30-second phone call, and it appears like neither side will look back. Yet fans are already mourning the loss, especially considering a photo circulated around Twitter yesterday showing what could’ve been mistakingly cast as a 55-year-old version of Raymond Felton because the dude was so out of shape. Lin may never become a great player, but he’s definitely better than Felton is just about every feasible sense of the word, and plus there was a connection there with New York, even if the point guard never enjoyed the spotlight or endorsements that came along with it, saying: “Honestly, I preferred New York. But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted to have fun playing basketball. … Now I’m definitely relieved.” … Darko Milicic is a free agent, and has somehow drawn the interest of teams like Miami, Boston, the Clippers, Chicago and Brooklyn. Remember that old saying that if someone is 7-0 tall and isn’t a complete stiff, there will always be a place for them in the NBA? It’s still true. Darko doesn’t deserve to sign with any of those teams, given how much of a disappointment he’s been, and yet he could fluke his way into another ring if he picks the right team. Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone and John Stockton are rolling over in their graves right now. The next thing you know, a team will be publicly stating that Kwame Brown is their new starting center. Wait, what was that, Doug Collins? You’re already doing that? Oh god … Other NBA offseason news: the Blazers matched Minnesota’s $45 million offer sheet for Nicolas BatumNazr Mohammed, according to Alex Kennedy, is close to signing in Brooklyn … John Lucas III has signed on with Toronto … Ben Golliver reports the Blazers are signing Ronnie Price … The Clippers used the amnesty to waive Ryan Gomes … And Ben Wallace doesn’t want to retire just yet, and is looking to play for Detroit next year … Keep reading to hear why Kobe called David Stern’s idea stupid …

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