Jeremy Lin Wrote The Most Amazing Message On Reddit Thanking All His Teammates

Jeremy Lin is in the spotlight again. Not for Linsanity, but for his social point of view. Recently the Hornets guard has been more outspoken, first about being questioned by arena security and then about why he doesn’t get more flagrant foul calls.

This time, though, Lin went directly to reddit and posted a lengthy letter addressed to his teammates. He says the most fun he’s had playing basketball is when everyone plays for each other, and that’s what they have going on in Charlotte.

He says their bonding started earlier during a preseason trip to China. From there the Hornets have grown together, and he goes on to address each individual teammate as if he were about to tell his Mom that she’s the real MVP.

Highlights from the letter include:

Al Jefferson: Funniest person on the team and candidate for funniest teammate I’ve ever had.

Aaron Harrison: We call him Twin. I’m not sure if Twin spoke the first 4 weeks of training camp, but since then he has started opening up.

Nic Batum: Slick Nic. If Nic and Twin were put in the same room, it would be complete silence.

Kemba Walker: Kemba is the most down-to-earth dude… When we’re all hanging out, you would never know he is our star player.

Jeremy has averaged 11 points, two rebounds, and four assists per game this season. The Charlotte Hornets face off against the Miami Heat on Sunday for Game 1 of the playoffs. Most are predicting Miami will win this series but with Chris Bosh still out, there is definitely room here for a 3-6 upset in the first round.