Jeremy Piven Hinted At A Crazy Michael Jordan-Dennis Rodman Story On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

The Entourage movie’s endless promotional jackhammering continued on Monday night with Jeremy Piven’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the conversation meandered at some point to Piven’s favorite athlete, Michael Jordan. After the star’s predictably self-deprecating-but-somehow-also-self-aggrandizing digression about running out of cash (they’re just like us!), he let slip that he knows tons of MJ’s stories now.

The good stuff starts at the 3:35 mark of the video, when Piven suggests that MJ spilled some dirt on Dennis Rodman‘s well-documented hard-partying ways. Piven didn’t want to blow up 100 percent of Jordan’s spot, so he didn’t go into much detail, but he did make mention of several instances when Jordan pulled Rodman’s “large, naked body out of a situation” to get The Worm to go to practice.

Now, the question is how many different circumstances fall under Piven’s polite euphemism of a “situation” in which Rodman is naked? Orgies? Definitely. Strip poker? Possibly. Strip poker games that devolve into orgies? We can only imagine.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel)