Even Jerry West Knows The Warriors’ Dominance ‘Isn’t What Anyone Wants To See’

05.31.17 11 months ago

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The Golden State Warriors rolled through the Western Conference this season with relative ease, and cruised through the first three rounds of the playoffs for the first 12-0 record in playoff history. The Warriors’ margin of victory in the playoffs has been an average of 16.3 points. Their counterpart in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers, had an average margin of victory of 13.6 points. Only two other teams, Houston and San Antonio, escaped the playoffs with a positive plus-minus (1.2 and 1.0 respectively).

The 2017 NBA playoffs have been defined by these blowouts, with even the conference finals, which many hoped would be competitive, quickly turning into yet another series of non-competitive basketball. The Finals will hopefully bring a bit of respite to the otherwise disappointing level of competition in these playoffs — Golden State is still favored by seven in Game 1 — but this postseason has taken its toll on everyone watching, from fans to the media to even executives of the Warriors.

Hall of Famer Jerry West is an executive board member with the Warriors and has helped advise the building the NBA’s most formidable super team of 2017 and arguably of all-time. However, as West told Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated, even he has had a hard time watching his Warriors these playoffs because of the lack of competition.

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