Jim Boeheim’s Son Plays For Syracuse, But His Last Name Is Spelled Wrong On His Jersey

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If you’ve never been to Syracuse, New York, Jim Boeheim and Orange basketball are pretty big deals there. Boeheim is one of the greatest college basketball coaches ever, winning more than 1,000 games and a national title at his alma mater. He’s a National Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, and he is easily the person most closely associated to the city — as an example, I spend a lot of time in the area, and the pizza place at which I ate dinner on Wednesday night had a framed picture of the coach that was like six feet tall in the dining room.

Basically, outside of Mike Krzyzewski, you can argue that no college basketball coach has had more of an impact on his community than Boeheim. Still, despite this, his last name is a pain in the neck to spell. For proof of this, I’d like to direct your attention to the spelling of freshman guard and noted basketball son Buddy Boeheim’s jersey from the Orange’s game on Thursday night against UConn at Madison Square Garden.

Mistakes happen, sure, but if there’s one player whose last name you’d think would never get misspelled under any circumstances, it’s the legendary coach’s kid. Still, it’s not anything more than a minor inconvenience, especially considering that as of writing this, the Orange have a much bigger problem to confront: the fact that they trailed the Huskies at halftime, 38-32.