The Timberwolves Played ‘You’re So Vain’ To Introduce Jimmy Butler Amid Boos In Minnesota

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Minnesota Timberwolves fans have a lot of beef with Jimmy Butler, who says he’s over his time with the team that traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers earlier in the 2018-19 season. But that doesn’t mean Timberwolves fans have forgotten, and they had their say in the matter on Saturday.

The Sixers visited Minnesota on Saturday night for the first time since the trade, which was sparked after Butler requested a move in the offseason, then started the year with the team en route to what became a disastrous campaign. Butler did not endear himself to the home fans on his way out the door and, though it was a long time ago in the sense that a whole lot has occurred between his trade and his return to his former home.

That didn’t matter to Timberwolves fans, or the gameday presentation staff that introduced the Sixers on Saturday night. The team entered to the tune of “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon, and the announcer certainly didn’t hesitate to linger on Butler when he was announced to the crowd.

As noted by a number of people, some Sixers teammates joined in and appeared to boo their teammate as well.

To refresh everyone involved, Butler said he is not worried about what Timberwolves fans think of him.

Later in the game, even when Butler appeared to be hurt, the crowd didn’t let up.

No love lost, indeed.

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