Jimmy Goldstein Explains Why He Roots Against The Lakers Despite Frequently Sitting Courtside

03.21.19 5 months ago

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If you’re a massively successful individual with plenty of disposable income, and you also happen to be a rabid sports fan, one of the best investments you can make is to be a courtside season-ticket holder for your favorite team.

Big-market teams like the Knicks and Lakers have their share of celebrity fixtures at their home games, such as Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson, who have been holding things down as two of the most high-profile stars regularly in attendance at their respective arenas. But the Lakers also have real estate mogul Jimmy Goldstein, he of the colorful ensembles and glorious silver locks flowing out from under his snakeskin fedoras.

But if you haven’t been paying close enough attention all these years, you might have mistaken him for a devoted Lakers fan. That apparently is not the case at all, as he explained in a recent interview. Goldstein, by his own admission, is a die-hard Clippers fan, and he mostly attends Lakers games to root for the other team, so he isn’t shy about his schadenfreude for the team missing the playoffs for the sixth straight season.

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