Joakim Noah And The Bulls Both Say Goodbye To Each Other With Grace And Love

07.08.16 3 years ago
joakim noah


Joakim Noah is leaving Chicago to go to the Knicks next season, but the former All-Star will likely always have a soft spot in his heart for the Windy City. Noah spent the first nine years of his NBA career in Chicago, and he made sure to take the time out to tell the fans how much they meant to him in a recent letter in The Chicago Tribune.

It reads in part:

I moved here nine years ago and quickly got an understanding of what the city was about. Hard work. No nonsense. Grind. Loyalty. Passion. I wanted to represent those qualities every time I stepped onto the court and competed for the Bulls.

Thank you to every teammate I battled with. We won and we lost, but I have love and respect for every single one of you. One day this basketball journey will be over and all we will have are memories. The best times in my life took place on the United Center floor. You are all my brothers.

Noah also commented on the fact that he is still committed to helping the city that is “home for the rest of my life” by making it a safer place.

On the Bulls side of things, they also took the time out to thank Noah for all he did with the organization and the city of Chicago. Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said that Noah will “always be a Bull.”

“You cannot measure the impact Joakim made on our team and the City of Chicago over the last nine years. His concern, commitment and compassion were always on display. He is loved by all in our organization and he will always be a Bull. We want to thank Joakim for his countless contributions to our organization and the city of Chicago, both on and off the court, and we wish him nothing but the best as he begins a new chapter.”

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