Joe Johnson Hit A Ridiculous Stepback Four-Pointer To Win Another BIG3 Game

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We are officially in the depths of the NBA offseason, where we debate whether Carmelo Anthony should be on a team and wonder if Team USA will actually be able to field a full roster for the FIBA World Cup.

It’s a rather slow time, but there is basketball happening featuring some former NBA players like Joe Johnson. The seven-time NBA All-Star is currently dominating the BIG3, with hopes of possibly making a return to the NBA next season to finish his career in better fashion than how his 2017-18 season went in Houston.

The way Johnson is tearing up the halfcourt 3-on-3 league shows how different an in-shape, NBA caliber player looks at that stage, and it’s hard not to imagine him having a real chance at finding a roster spot should he want one. On Sunday, he led another comeback victory for the Triplets, as he hit a filthy stepback 4-pointer for the win with his team down two.

Johnson has hit a number of game-winners this year and is simply on a different level than the other players in the league — many of whom still have tons of game. The difference, it seems, is that Johnson is at a whole other level of conditioning, which allows him to do things like this late in games without running out of gas.