The Sixers Are Using Joel Embiid’s Favorite Drink To Get Him To The All-Star Game

Associate Editor


It seems like ancient history, but there was a time where it seemed like Joel Embiid‘s love of Shirley Temples would prevent him from ever becoming a superstar. In retrospect, that was kind of ridiculous, but Embiid was reportedly drinking them by the pitcher and it led to him putting on a ton of weight while he was trying to recover from foot surgery.

We’re long past this being a story, but Embiid still has no reservations about discussing his love of the sugary drink. In fact, the Sixers have decided to get in on the fun, and are using this as an opportunity to get Embiid to the NBA All-Star Game. The team is reportedly sending Shirley Temple ingredients to folks in the media with the hope that they’ll send the young star to New Orleans.

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