Joel Embiid Went After The Bucks For Taking A Shot At ‘The Process’

06.19.17 9 months ago

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The Philadelphia 76ers made a big splash over the weekend in landing the No. 1 overall pick from the Boston Celtics, presumably in an effort to select Markelle Fultz. For the most part, the reaction to the deal was positive and “The Process” was lauded with a ton of positive credit being laid at the feet of former GM Sam Hinkie.

However, the Milwaukee Bucks did not fully appreciate the sentiment it seems and, on Monday, Joel Embiid let them know about it. The Bucks scheduled a press conference to introduce new general manager Jon Horst. During that announcement, Bucks owner Wes Edens made a quip about Philadelphia’s famous motto and Embiid wasn’t having it.

This is typical Embiid in some ways but that does not detract from the fantastic nature of his message. Embiid, more so than just about anyone, has kept things on-brand with regard to Philadelphia’s rebuilding effort and, even if it largely hinges on his health and availability, the Sixers could not ask for a better spokesperson to represent the message.

Embiid’s Tweet was pretty obviously good-natured but the Bucks might think twice before firing a shot across the bow at their Eastern Conference counterparts in the future. Milwaukee is ahead of Philly in the pecking order when it comes to present-day success but, if and when the Sixers add Fultz to the mix, the playing field levels considerably.

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