Joel Embiid Says He Hasn’t Been ‘Himself’ Since The Sixers Acquired Jimmy Butler

12.08.18 3 months ago

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Fit is everything in the NBA. Even if things are going well, keeping everyone happy is often harder than just winning basketball games. It’s one of the more amazing things about the Golden State Warriors, really — it took three championships for a bit of public, in-season conflict to truly emerge from one of the NBA’s most impressive dynasties.

You can never be totally sure what’s going on with a team internally, though. Unless they come out and tell you, Kyrie Irving could be disgruntled playing with LeBron James and request a trade when you least expect it. You just never really know.

Except in the case of Joel Embiid, who came out and said he’s not thrilled with how things are going for him, personally, lately with the Philadelphia 76ers. The team is winning, sure, and Jimmy Butler’s acquisition has brought the headband-filled good times to Philadelphia, but apparently not everyone is feeling the vibe.

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