Joel Embiid Has Docked His Ship With Reality Star Olivia Pierson

Getty Image

Sixers’ center Joel Embiid is one of the league’s most entertaining figures, and a big part of that has been is unrivaled and unfiltered social media presence. He’s notorious for using Twitter and Instagram to try and land dates with pop stars, get girls to show him their toes, insult a teammate’s physical appearance for no particular reason, and accuse random opponents of being virgins.

Well, he’s now apparently fortified himself against the latter charge. Reality star Olivia Pierson, who has appeared on the E! television network series WAGS (wives and girlfriends, for the uninitiated), posted a selfie on Instagram Tuesday laying in bed next to a shirtless Embiid along with a Happy Valentine’s Day message that ended with the rather coy seafaring euphemism #ShipDocked.

UPDATE: The post has since been deleted, but here is a screencap of what Pierson posted earlier:

Pierson, whose hidden talent according to a probing US Weekly profile is that she “can roll my tummy like a belly dancer,” was previously dating NFL tight end Marcedes Lewis while appearing on the series, which chronicles the trials and tribulations and triumphs of being a wife or girlfriend of a famous athlete.

We can only hope and dream that she can use her influence to get Embiid on the show as there has never been an athlete more primed for reality TV.