Timeline: Joel Embiid Twitter Recruitment Of LeBron

07.07.14 4 years ago
Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid (Jeremy Miron- USA TODAY Sports)

Joel Embiid‘s bid to recruit LeBron James to Philadelphia on Twitter last week started out innocently and ended in disappointment. In the process, a social media star was born.

At the start of free agency on July 1st, Embiid made his pitch to LeBron on Twitter:

Embiid decided to have some fun with the entire process. A lot of fun in fact. The next day, after not hearing back from LeBron, he went with a meme to try and get his attention:

At this point, Embiid got a bit worried about whether he was tampering:

By Friday, Embiid had grown impatient and decided it was time to block LeBron on Twitter:

But just when you thought the chase was over, Embiid decided there was another way to get to LeBron:

LeBron finally tweeted on Friday, and Embiid was right on it, leading to this reaction from him:

Afterwards, Embiid finally decided to retire from recruiting and focus on basketball instead:

He has yet to tweet about LeBron since, but we will definitely keep you posted.

If there’s one thing we know about Embiid, it’s that he definitely has a wonderful sense of humor.

It will be interesting to see what happens when he meets LeBron on the court for the first time. I’d like to think the two of them will have a pretty good laugh about all of this.

Go follow Joel Embiid, he’s already the social media rookie of the year.

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