Joel Embiid May Be Out For A While With A Torn Meniscus In His Left Knee

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Joel Embiid‘s checkered injury history, one which kept him from playing in the NBA until this year, is well documented. According to a report out of Philadelphia, Embiid’s health has suffered another setback in the form of a torn meniscus in his left knee.

Embiid has played in one game since Jan. 21, and on Saturday afternoon, the Rookie of the Year frontrunner told reporters that he is “not healthy” and “not able to play right now.” The extent of Embiid’s injury was unknown until today, when we learned about his torn meniscus from Sixers reporter Derek Bodner.

The tear was discovered after Embiid underwent an MRI following a 93-92 victory on January 20th over the Portland Trailblazers. Embiid left the game in the third quarter with a left knee contusion after landing awkwardly following a drive to the basket.

There is some thought that the torn meniscus could be a pre-existing condition which the ensuing MRI discovered, rather than caused by the fall on January 20th, although the two injuries being related has not been completely ruled out.

The report was confirmed by Colangelo.

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