Of Course Joel Embiid Wants His New Nickname To Be ‘The Process’

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After two long years, Joel Embiid is finally back to playing basketball. In his NBA debut, 27 long months after he was drafted No. 3 overall in the 2014 draft, Embiid showed flashes of what he could potentially become on both ends of the court and thanks to that, Sixers fans finally have a reason to be excited. Still, despite an actual presence on the court in Philly for the first time, it’s what Joel is doing off the court that has people talking, yet again.

If you haven’t noticed, Embiid is a huge supporter of the man who drafted him and crafted “The Process,” Sam Hinke. He ended his media day press conference with the motto “Trust The Process,” and has added the hashtag #TrustTheProcess to all his social media posts and now, he’s adding it to his name as well.

Joel has dubbed himself “The Process,” and while that sounds like one of those weird nicknames NBA 2K forces you to pick from, it clearly is near and dear to Embiid’s heart. He added it to his Instagram bio, and took things a step further this week when according to the Philadelphia Daily News he “asked longtime Sixers public address announcer Matt Cord to add his new self-claimed middle name “The Process” to his official introduction.”

Cord did not oblige, and at Embiid’s home debut against the Washington Wizards on Thursday night at the Wells Fargo Center he was introduced as “A 7-foot center from Kansas, No. 21, Joel Embiid.” Alas, there’s still 41 regular season games to implement the change and if the Sixers don’t bite, well at least everybody’s favorite hoops database Basketball Reference has Joel’s back.