John Wall’s 360 Layup Was A Lot Better Than Matt Barnes’ Own Pseudo Spin

The Clippers beat up the Wizards last night, but John Wall still found time to pull off one of his patented 360-degree layups. There was no wink that we saw afterwards, but it certainly left Matt Barnes at a loss as to how to defend such a creative mid-air decision.

Earlier in the game, Barnes had done his own impression of a 360, but while Wall’s was an ethereal rotation above the court, Barnes was definitely stuck in the corporeal realm.

Barnes’ non-bucket was the inverse of Wall’s flamboyant finish.

But Matt’s team still won, so he likely doesn’t care — nor should he. Chris Paul had 30 and 15, DJ had 23 boards, and John Wall was the only one really doing anything with 19 and 10. Wall was even throwing it down on the break so many times, DeAndre Jordan finally had enough.

We hope if Doc Rivers stumbles across this, he reads to the end, so he doesn’t complain we never mentioned the Clippers actually won.

(Vines via BBALLBreakdown & VinnyViner)