John Wall Threw A Slick Dime Around A Celtics Defender While Falling To The Floor

01.11.17 3 years ago

John Wall is known for doing a lot of things for the Washington Wizards, including his slick passing. The speedy point guard might have served up his best dime yet on Wednesday in the Garden.

Wall turned a fast-break attack at the rim against one too many defenders into a stupefying assist for an easy three for Otto Porter Jr. in the first quarter in Boston. Wall spun away from Isaiah Thomas to the left of the key, then hit the brakes in the paint right in front of Jae Crowder. Crowder went airborne to block Wall, who instead ran into him as he sent a pass out to Porter Jr. on the 3-point line. Wall went flying after the pass, spinning to the floor after the collision.

Wall literally watched the shot fall while sitting on the court under the hoop, satisfied to watch Porter Jr. toss it up because he had already done his job on the play. That’s the kind of pass that—even as the facilitator—you kind of have to wonder how it got there in the first place.

Fortunately for Wall, Porter made good on the dish with a 24-footer, and the Wizards went up 19-18 early.

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