John Wall Kept His Spades Game Going During A Recent TV Interview

Not too long ago, John Wall was considered one of the brightest young point guards in the NBA. Before injuries started to take their toll, the five-time All-Star was an explosive athlete with uncanny court vision and, together with backcourt mate Bradley Beal, turned the Wizards into a perennial playoff team in the East.

Wall didn’t suit up at all last season, but according to the latest reports, is healthy once again and ready to make a comeback. Wall ruptured his Achilles prior to the 2019-2020 season, and although he said earlier this year that he was back to “110 percent,” he opted against joining the Wizards in the Orlando bubble this summer.

As he continues to prepare for next season, Wall made an appearance on ESPN’s Monday Tailgate to talk football, and while he was at it, showed off some serious multi-tasking skills.

We’re not sure what’s more impressive, the sheer audacity of keeping a card game going in the middle of a television appearance or being able to mostly answer the interviewer’s questions without getting too distracted.

It’s hard to tell, but Wall appears to be playing spades. At one point, it sounds like Wall says “board,” which means that his partner is going nil and he’s bidding the minimum four books. As for how this particular game went, Wall apparently won despite the distraction of doing a TV interview while playing.