VIDEO: John Wall Admits ‘I Wouldn’t Be Faithful’ With A Girlfriend, So We’re Happy He’s An NBA Bachelor

NBA players are inundated with temptation, especially on the road, where they spend a large percentage of their lives during a six-month season that can run a lot longer. Perhaps that’s why so many young NBA players find themselves in all sorts of predicaments with women. John Wall isn’t one of those players, and we commend him for his foresight.

Wall spoke with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg during a 30-minute appearance at Red Bull studios in New York this past All-Star Weekend and touched on a variety of subjects. Per a transcription by the Washington Post, Wall spoke about his relationship with Robert Griffin the III and his dislike for Washington’s old blue and gold uniforms when he was a rookie:

“That was the nastiest jersey combination ever.”

But Wall’s comments about his love life were his juiciest, especially when considering all the temptations with Fashion Week leading into NBA All-Star Weekend in New York.

Wall admitted to Rosenberg he “wouldn’t be faithful right now,” with a lady on his arm, which is an honest answer we wish more athletes would allow. Blame it on America’s parochial founders, or the strength of the religious right, but some athletes just don’t think this clearly about their love lives — preferring to sneak around on the road when their family is at home:

“The lady life is great for John Wall, man,” Wall said. “I’m single. … I see it as, I’m young. I feel like if I came into the game with a girl I was in love with, it’s different. There’s been a couple ladies I liked, wanted to date. But I know I wouldn’t be faithful right now. I’ll be honest, though, I’ll be honest. I’d rather be friends and stay that way than go with a girl, lose a friend and never talk to her again. I’m not ready to be faithful, so I’ll be honest with a woman, and I don’t want to break nobody’s heart.”

A coward cheats before breaking things off with their significant other, and it’s refreshing to see Wall isn’t in any rush to settle down. The Wizards point guard was just named to his second straight All-Star game, and his first as a starter; he’s got a nice fat max contract and his team is near the top of the Eastern Conference playoff standings.

It’s a fine time for him to be an NBA bachelor, and we’re glad he’s being responsible with that designation.

[Washington Post; H/T Ananth Pandian]