John Wall’s Top 15 Dunks

John Wall is another rising star in this league and is emerging as a young superstar. He has improved every season since entering the league and is progressing into one of the elite point guards in the NBA. His size and speed are dangerous for opposing defenders and make Wall almost unstoppable at times. His great handles, and long wingspan make him a headache to cover and his first step is one of the quickest in the league.

Wall has improved every year since being in the league and has become an NBA All-Star for the first time this season. He is averaging 19.8 points per game along with 8.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds. Wall has Washington rising in the Eastern Conference playoff race and might get the Wizards a top-4 seed.

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15. Dunk vs. Detroit Pistons
Wall gets a fast break and takes advantage. Wall explodes for the reverse dunk and makes soaring into the air look easy. Wall recorded a 43.0 inch max vertical jump at the NBA Draft combine, three inches higher than Derrick Rose.

14. Dunk vs. New Jersey Nets
The Nets lose Wall and let him sneak backdoor for an easy slam. Wall throws down a lot of big time alley-oops so I expect him to be using a teammate in the Slam Dunk Contest. Wall has the height at 6-4 and a 6-9 wingspan, which makes him dangerous with his length at the point guard position.

13. Rising Stars Challenge alley-oop
Wall dominated the Rising Stars game with 17 points, eight assists and six rebounds and this slam. Wall has big ups and is an athletic freak. Wall is a big reason why Washington has improved this season and has them in the playoffs.

12. Dunk over Gasol
Wall goes backdoor and smashes the one-hand alley-oop jam. Better yet, he throws it down over the 7-footer Marc Gasol and gets the foul called. I wouldn’t be surprised with the leaps Wall has if he ends up jumping over something Saturday night.

11. Wall‘s left-handed slam
Wall took the ball down the court and with his speed, he goes straight to the basket. As he leaps in the air, he throws it down lefty with authority while getting a hand in the face. Wall finishes with his left hand a lot when he throws it down, which could be an underrated advantage on Saturday night.

10. Fast-break slam
Wall runs the floor and gets rewarded with a bounce pass that he finishes strong. Wall’s height and quickness give him a big advantage over opposing point guards. He can blow by just about anyone in the league and finish strong at the rim.

9. Wall alley-oop throwdown
Wall sets up the fast break better than most in the league and takes advantage of his speed, beating everyone down court. On this dunk, he out-runs the sluggish Knicks and slams down the alley-oop over birthday boy Baron Davis.

8. Wall coast-to-coast slam
His speed and handles make him tough to guard but the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t even try. Wall goes coast to coast and makes Cleveland pay for their mistake. A nice back pick and Wall finishes strong with the left hand.

7. One-hand slam
Wall gets out again on the fast break and heads to the rim. He stretches back and throws it down with one hand. Wall, over his career, has averaged 17.5 points per game and 8.1 assists.

6. 360 slam
Wall is just so fast, he steals this pass and sees nothing but the basket in front of him. He heads straight for the rim and bursts into a 360 spin and throws it down with both hands. Wall’s speed gives him the ability to go coast to coast in the blink of an eye.

5. Over Greg Monroe
Wall blows by Brandon Jennings easily and Greg Monroe steps over with the help D. Unfortunately for Monroe, Wall exploded into the air and posterizes the big man, hammering it down with the left hand.

4. Behind-the-back slam
Expect some of these type of dunks come Saturday night. On this one, Wall goes behind the back and slams it home. Wall has great handles so I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses that to his advantage in the contest.

3. College slam
The former Kentucky star shinned under coach John Calipari. Wall steals the pass and races down the floor, going hard to the hoop. He reaches back behind his head and throws it down lefty over the defender. Wall was the No. 1 overall pick in 2010 and led Kentucky to the Elite Eight in his only season in college.

2. Bringing down the “house”
Oh my, this is pretty. Wall, with the hesitation, crosses up the defender and with a burst of speed, blows by him to the lane. He eyes up Jerry Stackhouse and rises into the air and absolutely brings down the house, slamming it over Stackhouse. He feels good about it after and the crowd didn’t fault him.

1. Wall vs. LeBron James
If LeBron James decided to partake in this year’s Slam Dunk Contest and join John Wall, here is what you might see.

Can he win on Saturday night?

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