Josh Giddey Believes ‘Casuals’ Would Call The Heat-Nuggets NBA Finals ‘One Of The Most Boring’ Ever

We have never seen the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets play in the NBA Finals before — in the case of the Nuggets, we’ve never seen them play in the Finals at all — and neither Miami or Denver are especially gigantic television markets. As a result, people who do not need to care about stuff like whether or not the ratings would be good for these Finals are spending time talking about whether or not the ratings would be good for these Finals.

Does this matter? Unless you’re an executive with either Disney or the NBA, almost certainly not, but nonetheless, we run out of things to talk about at some point and this is, without question, a thing that people can spend time talking about. As such, a question was posed on Twitter about whether or not this is “one of the most boring NBA Finals to ever be played,” and in a tweet that he sent on Friday afternoon, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey offered up a blunt response.

Game 1 of the Finals ended up being a bit one-sided, with the Nuggets picking up a 104-93 win on Thursday night despite a late push by the Heat to make things interesting. Nikola Jokic, in particular, was outrageous during his first career Finals game.